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Did you know?
What to expect from your Therapeutic Massage.
IMPORTANT NOTE : Immediately following a massage, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water to help with  the removal of toxins and waste products from your body's tissues. 
Sometimes, the day following a therapeutic massage, especially if the massage is of a medical nature, (trigger point therapy) you may feel muscular soreness, as though you worked out in a gym. This is completely normal, especially if you have not had massage on a regular basis. Within a day or two, you will feel 100% better!
     Regular therapeutic massage boosts your immune system responses
      Lowers your blood pressure
      Facilitates the circulation of your blood and body fluids
      Increases the production of serotonin, a natural chemical in our  brains
      Minimizes depression and anxiety
      Increases your body's ability to heal itself
      Eases your worries and phobias
      Relieves everyday stress and tension
      Relieves chronic pain without the use of chemicals
      Makes you feel like a million
      And so much more
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