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 Current Massage Menu
¨ Rejuvenating Chair Massage: relaxing techniques to revitalize   
¨ Rock –n– Roll  Hot/ Cold Stone Massage: stones to get you rollin`
¨ Ahh- Haa Massage: the ultimate massage experience
¨ Gift Certificates :
better gift to give,
the Gift of Touch”
Value System                       
( Each session is a minimum of  40 minutes)  (Chair Massage 15 minutes )  
1. Rejuvenating  Chair   Massage              ___ min x 1.00= ____
2. Rock-n- Roll   Hot/ Cold Stones  
                                                       Massage                ___ min x 1.50= ____ 
3. Ahh-Haa    Massage                                 ___ min x 1.50= ____
4.Gift Certificate : "Gift of Touch"         ___min x 1.50 = _____
Payment Method:_We accept all major credit cards, checks , and cash!
Note: The  period following your appointment will be left open in case you need additional treatment  or if you wish to bring a friend or neighbor to share in the experience. Unexpected company is no reason to deprive yourself ; just simply  bring them  along.
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